Traditional Māori Hands on Healing

Following ten years of devoted service in this field, I am now venturing onto new paths and will be concentrating my efforts on shaping this direction. As a result, availability for Mirimiri private sessions will be limited.

Please inquire for my availability. Session prices start at $555, includes 2 hours of travel. I am willing to travel worldwide.

I have trained, nurtured and worked alongside many Kaimirimiri throughout Aotearoa. Most within two hours of main towns.

Contact me for recommendations.

What is Mirimiri?

Mirimiri is the hands on indigenous Healing artform of the Māori people of Aotearoa/New Zealand

It works deeply on a cellular level to Acknowledge  Clear  Heal  Activate and Transform

Every Mirimiri, like every individual, is unique. It is a potent weave of all that is divine. Your life story is recorded in the soma/body, in the emotions, in the behaviors and, ultimately, in the healing waiting to be stirred into action.

Mirimiri works in a holistic way to encompass 

Taha Tinana - the Physical 

Taha Wairua - the Spiritual 

Taha Hinengaro - the Mental/Emotional 

Taha Whānau - the Family/relationship

What outcomes can I expect from Mirimiri?

We never truly know what we are going to do, what direction the session may go until we are standing in Te Kore, the void of unlimited potential, the space we reside in as the conduits for that piece of healing to take place, the place where any and all magick is created.

We navigate our way letting Source, Tupuna/Ancestors, the body, and our gifts guide us to acknowledge and clear what's lying in the way of each person's true potential. 

After nearly a decade of this work, I have seen the true power and essence of the deeply transformative experience that can take place through Mirimiri.  By its  very nature Mirimiri is designed to agitate and to stimulate, to spark the internal world and bring what no longer serves to the surface.

One thing I know - if you find yourself in front of me, you can be sure your Tupuna/Ancestors brought you here and that its time for you to activate a deep layer of Healing"

Mirimiri sessions range from Oho Ake - an introductory session to Awaken oneself, through to Uekaha intensives.

Each Mirimiri is done on a massage table.  You do not need to undress for your session, but if that is more comfortable for you - then please go ahead!  We will cover you with a blanket to ensure your safety and comfort.  Each session begins and ends with Karakia.  We will always ask for 3 types of permission - yours, your tupuna/ancestors and Source.

Mirimiri is a gentle flow form of release.  We use touch, sound, a wide range of tools (Rongoā Māori/native plant balms and sprays; kohatu/stone; rakau/sticks; Taonga Pūoro (indigenous instruments) 

Most sessions will come with messages and insights but we cannot guarantee this, like we said every session is unique so we never truly know what will come through.

How often can I get Mirimiri?

On average we would say 3 weeks to 3 months it really depends on the time needed to integrate the work that is bought through.

A Mirimiri is designed to bring things to the surface to be addressed, to integrate, so the time needed to do this varies because you are your own unique healer and it takes a unique amount of time for you to process whatever has arisen from your Mirimiri.

Refund Policy

By booking a Mirimiri with Chelita Zainey and her support Kaimirimiri, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this refund policy.

  1. Mirimiri Refunds: Please be aware that Mirimiri bookings are non-refundable once confirmed.

  2. Booking Transfer: If you can't attend your booked Mirimiri, you can transfer it to someone else. The original ticket holder is responsible for the transfer and should inform us of the change.

  3. Communication: Please notify us in advance of any appointment transfers to update our records smoothly.

  4. Responsibility: While we support booking transfers, any issues arising from the transfer are the responsibility of the involved individuals.

  5. Mirimiri Cancellation: If we cancel a Mirimiri for any reason, we will refund all payments in full.


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