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Whare Rongoā

100% Pacific Cacao Paste Tokorangi, incl shipping

Cacao Ambassador


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Cacao Tokorangi is 100%Pacific Cacao Rongoā Māori

It has been activated over 7 months from the summer solistice of 2021, and released on the 2nd of August 2022. These 7 months have ensured the paste is as potent as intended for it is the re-merging of Rongoā Māori and Cacao together as one. It honours these ancients medicines and the wisdom held in the waters of Aotearoa. It is crafted with modern techniques in micro batches for the ultimate inner cacao hug!
This Cacao Paste holds a matrix of Divine support to amplify your hearts true call, your next, your intuition and taking you into the true essence and spirt of Life. It is imbued with the Mauri of Tītoki, Kawakawa, Horopito and Tōtara, and crafted from hand made cacao nibs by the women of the Solomon Islands. It is truly activated with aroha for daily ceremony to deepen your life in an extraordinary way!

The super Sonic camomile of the Rongoa world! This peaceful plant brings a balancing and calming effect to the body, mind and spirit. It has an ability to open and relax a busy mind, allowing the individual to drop deeper into presence.

The heart healing medicine of our beautiful lands. Kawakawa with its heart shaped leaf truly reflects its healing capabilities within its nature design.

A profound healer of both the physical and emotional heart, it has woven a deeply natural and profound connection to the amplifying heart of Mama Cacao.

Kawakawa will softly drop you into the heart, whilst nurturing your healing in both subtle and invigorating ways.


The “not so subtle” spice of the Rongoa world! Horopito is our most potent pepper plant, just one little taste will have your taste buds on fire.

This unique rongoa is extremely antibacterial and antifungal which makes it a great cleanser of the blood and body.

It is also used to deeply heal ancestral trauma and to burn through what noonger serves 

It's addition to Cacao Tokorangi is to ignite and anchor the fire within.


The Chief in the Forest. This Rangatira or Chief is the anchoring force in the blend.

In its natural world Totara creates a shielding, guiding protective presence by allowing its canopy to provide shelter for all those who wish to grow below its prickly, thick branches.

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