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Chelita Kahutianui o-te-Rangi Zainey

The Oracle

The Oracle beckons. She has traveled through lifetimes to incarnate into this timeline we call 'the now' to channel, guide, share and impart ancient wisdoms.

Step into Te Kore - The Void of unlimited potential, gaze into the ether, seek and you will find the answers with The Oracle as your wayseer.

If you have been seeking guidance within and without, looking for confirmation, confidence, focus and direction then the divination portal of The Oracle is for you

Gather wisdom, vision, inner clarity, divine guidance and truth as you step into the void.

Chelita has held her gift of sight for lifetimes and as an embodied Matakite or Seer she has been anchored in the realms of divination for all eternity.

Her whakapapa or lineage to Te Ao Māori allows for her to weave through the realms of Te Wa|Atea - time and space, the realm of the quantum field, the realms of the past, present and future.

If this offering speaks to you, then let The Oracle navigate you on a journey to clear and reset the old to make way for the new.

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What could an Oracle session include? 

  • Karakia to open, bless, and close the session 

  • Energetic Purea/Cleansing using

  • Hau Tapu Breathwork + ORO vibration/sound healing 

  • Past life/Timeline review

  • Clearing of core past life wounds and reclamation of gifts held in the Akashic records

  • Channeled guidance/messages/directions

  • Cellular recalibration, activation and upgrades

  • Self directed touch therapy (Tapping/Movement) to release and shift blocks and stuck energies

  • Tapu clearing and strengthening 

  • Journeying prompts and "homework" for self directed inner work

  • Integration tools

How is an Oracle Reading conducted?

Choose the Oracle option that you are feeling called to -  1, 2, or 3 hours.

Follow the instruction to book in a time.

A Zoom link and information will be emailed to you.

Further helpful information

Please prepare a relaxing quiet space for your session. There will be moments during the session where we pause to allow the energetics and insights to land and integrate so a space to lie down or to sit and be supported is advised.

Bring your water, a warm drink and any taonga/sacred objects you wish to have near you.We highly recommend setting up or resetting your tuahu/altar for the session.
Anchor in prior to the session with any ritual, daily practices etc.

You may also need an hour or two of quiet time to integrate after the session. Have some nourishing food on hand to have after the session to help you ground in.


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